5 Ways to Make Money With Amazon

hey hey ladies and germs it’s Lisa from to create a website calm did you guys know that there are actually five ways to make money with Amazon com most of you are probably familiar with their affiliate program I’ve done videos on this channel about that but there are four other ways that involve ecommerce website advertising or ads video and Believe It or Not t-shirts and what I’m going to do in this video is go over all of the options so let’s get started the first option is one that’s been picking up a lot of steam lately and it’s called Amazon FBA or fulfillment by Amazon basically you decide what you want to sell then Amazon packages and ships it to your customers they ship the products to your customers and I’ve created a simple graphic and Photoshop here that better explains how it works you store products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers these centers are popping up everywhere there’s one you guys literally five minutes from my house and when a customer makes an order Amazon packages and delivers the product from the fulfillment center and products that are eligible for Amazon Prime will be shipped in two days with free shipping so when you see that Amazon Prime or when you’re ordering something with your Prime membership that’s generally what is happening now the key to making this work is number one figuring out what to sell and there are even tools out there that will help you do the research and discover what people search for on amazon.com you also have to decide how much storage space you need but you have to pay for that space so there’s definitely a learning curve to making this work and while there are people making five figures per month with Amazon FBA there’s still a lot of trial and error and it takes money to make money especially with Amazon FBA my unofficial course mentor shout out to Rob coven hey Rob he has a very good article that documents his experience with Amazon FBA so check the description and I’ll link the article in the description as a matter of fact everything I mentioned in this video is going to be linked in the description in the order that I mention it back to Rob’s article I love it when internet marketers keep it real about what it takes to be successful a lot of people act like making money online it’s all about unicorns rainbows and bubblegum and it’s not it’s work don’t let anyone tell you differently if it were that easy everyone in your family and friends would be a full or part-time entrepreneur I mean who doesn’t want to work in their PJs right even if that money is just investing in your website you still have to be prepared to invest time and money the second option is what most of you are probably familiar with and that’s the Amazon associate or affiliate program my most recent earnings from August 2016 which was the last full month was for five hundred and twenty-two dollars that was a really good month for me especially for the summer time I tend to earn less in the summer so how this program works is you link to Amazon products in your blog posts or your web pages and when somebody buys you get a commission how does Amazon know somebody bought your links have tracking IDs in them so all of this is automated it’s not like it’s some man sitting in a basement tracking the sales with a button or anything like that all of this is automated as you guys know this is called affiliate marketing and it’s my favorite way to earn online now their commissions are pretty low they start around 3% but Amazon is very very trustworthy it’s just a brand that people trust and they tend to buy way more than you recommend so that will help with your sales about 70% of my earnings come from like random products it’s crazy so just to give you a point of reference to make five hundred and twenty two dollars I had to generate over 10,000 clicks and three hundred and eighty orders but I use Amazon because there aren’t affiliate programs anywhere else for these products so it’s better than earning nothing and Amazon also pays you when people sign up for their free services like Amazon Prime trials and that’s where that $33 of my 522 came from last month the Bounty’s means those are Amazon’s free trial services generally they also rewards you for the volume of sales the more you sell the higher your affiliate Commission goes with a higher your affiliate percentage goes so making money with Amazon is all about volume so if you want to join go to amazon.com slash associates and you must have a website also if you’re new to affiliate marketing plug and would like to learn how to get started brainstorm for the best topic you can take my online course that I have linked in the description so I’d love to see you in class I’ve got some really good reviews on that course and I’m really excited to have been able to help people the third way that you can make money with Amazon is actually part of the Amazon Associates Program so once you get accepted into that program then you have access to this it’s called Amazon CPM and they pay you for add views on your website it’s very similar to Google Adsense except they pay for impressions or views and not clicks Adsense earnings mostly come from clicks they do have some CPM ads but it’s mostly pay per click so how it works is you paste code into your website and they display ads that are relevant to your site for every 1000 views you earn money and you can actually set how much you want to earn for every 1000 views or impressions but if you make the amount too high you’ll price yourself out the market so it’s about finding that sweet spot and Amazon will give you recommendations for what that price should be if you have no idea now I’ve tested this out on my site and I didn’t make nearly what I make with Adsense so I just stuck with Adsense but many of you cannot get into Adsense or maybe you’ve gotten your account disabled so this is another option once you become a member of the Amazon Associates program you’ll be able to log in and access the Amazon CPM program as I said before so when you log in you’ll see an option to create your ad code and then you can get started easy breezy the fourth way is Amazon video direct this from what I heard was created to rival the YouTube Partner Program but I’ve honestly not heard many success stories coming from this method as I get how it works is you upload videos movie shorts and or courses and you earn royalties based on how many times your videos are streamed and how your video is accessed for example you can make your videos available for free to people who are Amazon Prime members and make royalties on the views now unlike YouTube they have very specific quality guidelines for uploads and your videos must have a closed caption script and if you don’t know how to create a closed caption script for video there are services out there like Rev comm that charge one dollar for every minute of the video and they have a very very quick turnaround I did use them once and it worked out very very well just to test it out I uploaded one video a few months ago and so far this week get ready ah drumroll I have earned a whopping 12 cents look out y’all if I upload just four thousand videos or so I’ll be set but honestly I think it’s about figuring out what types of videos work best and being in the right niche you have to remember people browse Amazon much differently than they browse YouTube so certain topics may perform better than others so you just have to test go to amazon.com slash video direct to learn more about it and finally the last way you can earn with Amazon is through a program called Amazon merch merch is short for merchandise and if you remember the Spreadshirt video I uploaded in July I love love-love-love Spreadshirt it’s very very similar to that you upload a design that you create in Photoshop or whatever add it to a shirt and when it’s sold you get a royalty amazon handles all the printing and the shipping you just focus on the designs the biggest difference from all the other print-on-demand sites is you have to get approved for the program and it could take up to 12 months or more I submitted an application about two months ago and I haven’t heard anything yet but right before I started recording this video one of my students in my Spreadshirt course just told me she was accepted after four and a half months so it definitely varies and she mentioned that they were backlogged with all their submissions so hopefully they’re going to get a little bit more speedy with that so if you’re an aspiring graphic designer and wants to make some passive income apply to Amazon merge by going to amazon.com slash merch also check out the last video I did on Spreadshirt again it will be in the description that’s it ladies and gents hope you enjoy learning about the five different ways you can earn with Amazon if you like my content you can support me by going to website pallas calm and use them as your webhost so if you want to build your website and you need a host go to the hosting section choose the WordPress hosting pick a plan and you’ll be ready to go or you can take my courses and you’ll find a link to all of them in the description thanks for watching you guys and I will chat with you later