How To Make $400,000 Per Month Selling On Amazon FBA With Greg Mercer

hey everyone this is stefan from and today i’m being joined by Greg Mercer from jungle scout and Greg is joining me all the way from Bali of Indonesia and if you guys aren’t familiar with jungle scout it’s an Amazon product research software that actually did a video blog about not too long ago and Greg actually reached out to me from that and we connected after that and I thought it’d be a great opportunity just to interview him and pick his brains a little bit just about selling on Amazon Greg also is an Amazon seller he does over around four hundred thousand dollars a month selling on Amazon so I know a lot of you guys that are watching this or brand-new to selling on Amazon or looking at this as a brand new business opportunity for yourself so I’ve got a lot of great questions for Greg today and that’s want to thank you for joining you today Greg absolutely thank you for having me I appreciate we’re gonna have a good time and hopefully provide a lot of value for your audience here awesome in so my first question is just want to share a little bit about yourself and how you got started you know selling on Amazon and then creating software yeah absolutely so I started the beginning of 2013 so I just about two-and-a-half years ago now I started just kind of uh exploring just selling a few little items quickly realized how powerful the channel it is from there I started sourcing products from traditional type wholesalers and I was growing that business model uh just actually within the last years when I started doing this the private label type model and I love it it’s great the margins are way better uh it’s awesome because you know you put more work into creating good listings and getting reviews and that kind of thing and really see the benefits of it as opposed to sharing listings with other sellers so in the past year I’ve really transitioned a lot of my sales over to my own products that you know our label with my brand so on today I have a small team that helps me like you said I do around four hundred thousand a month a total revenue and then uh roughly half and half are like wholesale products as opposed to my private label products right awesome and so would a pound so so first what you know people always ask what are the profit margins on that like you know what would you say they are for you is it different for I guess each product they’re making a swallow right yeah so um whenever we talk about profit margins on animals I’d like the numbers get a little tricky because Amazon is taking their cut too so essentially you know like 33 percent profit margins are generally like a hundred percent return on investment you know so if like a product cost like ten bucks if I make 10 bucks that’d be a 33 percent margin which is what I’m seeing on most of my private label products and just in comparison most of my wholesale products are live got 10 12 15 % so the margins are way better on the private label stuff yeah so for people that aren’t familiar you want to maybe can briefly just share the difference between the private label versus the wholesale model yeah absolutely so my wholesale products are well-known brands for instance like uh like a Black & Decker drill you know I’d source it from Black & Decker I’d sell it on Amazon I’m selling on a listing that’s probably already created and I’m sharing that with a whole bunch of other sellers there might be like 5 10 20 other sellers we’re all rotating through the buy box or whoever’s like price Louis is rotating through the buy box as opposed to uh when I talk about a private label item or a white label item I’m actually sourcing this product from the factory I’m asking them to put my particular brand name on this product and the advantage of that is then I’m creating the listing myself on Amazon since I own that brand theirs they’re not any other sellers on there so I have a lot more control um you know I’m not fight we’re not it’s not a race for the bottom fighting you know to see who can sell this thing the cheapest um and then you’re also since it is like you know kind of your listing so you should not share with anyone um you can justify putting it a lot more work in the listing like creating really high quality photos and giving away free items to get some reviews so that’s that’s how that’s why you’re able to get a lot better margins just because you’re not competing on price so much and you found that to be a better business model long term because you’re creating your own brand you have more control over it you’re not competing as much with the other sell absolutely so when I first started selling these wholesale products my margins were a lot better and then as Amazon’s gotten more and more competitive I’ve seen those you know good decrease decrease decrease uh with a private label stuff since I’m the only one that’s ever gonna be selling this item I have a lot more control you know over price as well as on you know if I were to choose to it’s a lot you know since I am creating a whole brand and a whole business around it and I could create a website outside of there to sell this type of product so it is definitely a much better long term plan well okay cool yeah um another question I have is uh so you know if you’re doing around 400,000 in revenue right now aha is that with one product you have several products just to give people an idea of the business model that you’re running sure so I’m private label products I have I think almost 40 products now but that’s not 40 different factories that I’m dealing with what I found is that I could you know I’ll find one product I really want to sell I’ll find what else that Factory creates after I’ve already developed a good relationship with them and then from there I’ll get them to make a few more products for me so even though I have almost 40 products now I think I’m dealing with like less than a dozen factories um and then my wholesale stuff I’ve tons of SKUs I have probably like almost 200 SKUs that you know but but some of those might only sell like five or ten a month you know where’s all my private label items you know I only want to bring on private label items I know we’re going to sell really well some you know on average each one of my private label item sells maybe like ten units a day right and is there a certain point where you make that decision to launch a new product or design I know a lot of people ask me to get started one product at what point should you launch your second third or fourth bit and expand and so in my opinion the easiest way to grow is to launch more products and come up with more SKUs uh almost like it’s incredible how powerful Amazon is you know almost like by default these items are going to sell X amount of units you know what’s like you come up with a good listing kind of get your initial reviews uh kind of by default you know might sell like six or eight or ten or twelve a day um if you put in like a whole bunch of work you might go to be able to increase that a little bit but in my opinion if you put that same amount effort in launching a second or third and fourth product on you see like a much better return um so I’m a big fan of kind of like the more just like set it and forget it like I uh put a good work getting this listing set up uh you know creating the item and then after that I just kind of keep it in stock monitored a little bit and then move on to the next item yeah that’s interesting you know I think you’re right like I met so many different sellers that that do it either that way or they focus just on building up their brand and building up a few products and I think sure both work amazingly well and I’ve seen that even the Kindle publishing space which I’m not involved in with my students is some of them you know this have the volume method it is pumping up more more books just because it was a very low barrier of entry of publishing a book like anybody can do it you can get it up in a week you know have a book published or making money from it whereas other people that focus more on you know publishing a few books really building them up getting a lot of reviews on them ranking them etc and then make a lot of money from that so I think both uh both definitely work you know really well and yes some guys are great at um you know like increasing the number of sales on one particular product you know might be really good at driving like outside traffic that kind of thing me personally it’s just like not my strong suit so I found it easier for me personally just to launch more products and you are you doing them all under like one brand or you building separate brands and website and success yeah good question so I have like I use five different brands now um so for instance like I’ll have one brand that put all of like my like lawn and garden type you know might be like Greg’s green thumb products and those would be all my lawn and garden type products and then I’ll have another brand that I put like all the health and personal care products in and then and then I’ll go in and choose because it’s always a someone’s question is like what’s my seller central name then because a lot of people are into depression I think that it needs to be like the same as your brand name so I just have a real like gin Eric uh seller name you know like grapes great products yeah and then in there I have these different brands okay so the seller central for people that are aware that’s basically your seller central account where you can list as many products as you want but you can list those products under different brands so you don’t need a new seller central account for every brand bigger creating it you’re just launching all of them under that one account right absolutely yeah okay cool um yeah I think that’s that’s really interesting because at least then you’re benefiting from at least cross promoting your products right like if you have if you’re not earning the health space and you as you said you’re finding more and more suppliers and manufacturers in that space it just saves you time because if you’re I’ve seen this with the Kindle publishing as well as people they get a little bit all over the place kind of staying in that one primary niche or that one category and you know in what Amazon is more important because you’ve already got the supplier you’ve already got a relationship with them you know you can easily get more and more products from them and you can already leverage and use the label the packaging the logo the website all that stuff that you’ve already created too right yeah absolutely so it makes a lot easier after you’ve already kind of create this brand to go ahead and do a second or third product in there especially for going to a website for them to you know have if I had like 40 different brands that’d be uh I mean I would have gotten to absolutely working on you know number twelve logo whatever set totally yeah okay and the other thing is yeah a lot of times like you said the cross promotions um if if everything works out right a lot of times you can get some of your other products like from the same brand inside the little areas like customers who bought this also bought uh if everything works out right you know that’s always good to see your other products you know in that section awesome so let’s jump that talked a little bit about the product research because I think that’s one of the most important uh you know areas that can really make or break your success on Amazon right because absolutely you pick it you know a lot of people this is one thing a frustrates me with a lot of people that want to sell they come and say I’ve got this great idea for you know something that I want to sell on Amazon and they have this belief in conviction that it’s going to it’s going to sell and oftentimes I asked them all did you do the research did you look to see if people are already buying that is that a profitable market on Amazon because I found at Amazon it’s hard to like an event a nature market you have to just kind of it’s already selling and you’re kind of limited to that right just yeah there’s some of what’s already selling and just focus on building a better mousetrap or offering a product is a little bit different or different packaging or you know differentiate yourself in some way so you’ve created a great software called jungles ago I use it it’s great it’s great web-based and also a chrome a browser extension that helps sellers do their product research and that saves people so much time it makes this part of the process much much easier and faster so you want to share a little bit about just how that came about how you created that and then maybe connector the importance of product research and how your software helps people yeah absolutely it’s like you said um you’re really going to fight uphill battle if you’re kind of going off your gut instincts on what you think’s gonna sell well because it’s really crazy you know some things you might think would be great sellers and they’re really not at all and like you said I totally agree I am definitely recommend you sell some that’s already selling well in Amazon it’ll make your life way easier um so yeah so I saw a need about a year ago or so um what I was doing is I was researching different keywords and then I was with the help of some VA is filling out these spreadsheets that would have you know the product name the number of reviews the rank the estimated number of sales the number uh whatever else information I was looking for and it was really time consuming to fill out these all these spreadsheets so I had a team of multiple VA s helping me you know how to give him a whole listen and research it so one day I kind of like uh dawned on me is like man if I just had like a piece of software I could enter that keyword come up with all this information it made my life way easier so that was kind of the invention of jungle scout the rest is kind of history so I originally built something I use it for my a little bit it’s actually showing somebody’s and they’re like you know you need really introduce this to the public so since then you know I’ve started selling it to the public which the response has just been incredible that’s been really fun in itself but yes what jungle Scout is is it as you mentioned it’s like a Google Chrome extension so after making a search on Amazon you click a little J’s icon and upper right-hand corner your Chrome browser and a table of data is going to show up that’s going to have all this information we’re just kind of talk about pre-populated so and a lot of the key information that you need including the estimated number of sales each month the number of reviews and it’s all just really neatly and nicely laid out so instead of going in and having to click on each item extracting all this information yourself just within you know in two seconds it’s going to have a table pre-populated with also information so it’s really helpful it really cuts down on the product research time cool um I’m sure to get off but we’re going to do a quick demo on that but before we do um because I think that’d be very really valuable for people actually show it and so they actually see what you’re talking about and see the benefits from it but sharam before we get into that I just wanted to ask you just about just at that phase of the business product selection what have you found to be some of the mistakes that people make because I found that like you know you you you know you can pick a product but if there’s no market there on Amazon for it doesn’t matter how much marketing that you do you know it’s gonna be really hard to sell that product whereas in a lot of cases you can just if you do a really good job with your product research you can put up a product and almost do no marketing like I’ve had one supplement that I launched it has like 10 reviews it is selling really well you know yeah and it blows my mind how some products do really well much better than others and with with the same amount of work the same amount a track or in terms of marketing so and once you’re like don’t spend like anybody I’m like a pay-per-click or anything just son well I know that’s what I like they start selling you know just because you do the right great job and identifying you know that researcher market so sure and considered sure about that yeah so the two biggest uh mistakes I see or the things you need to look for or essentially we need to make sure there’s enough demand and we want to make sure the competition’s not too high that we’ll be able to rank easily for this product so when I the personal rule of thumb that I use for to see how much demand there is is I like to see in the top like 10 or top half page results or so on Amazon I like to see about 3,000 units being sold each month so of course you know I’m the founder of jungle Scott so I’m using that but even if you didn’t have it um you can plug in the best sellers rank either on our website or there’s some other ones to find out approximately how many units they’re selling each month and I found personally that um that’s kind of the minimum amount of demand that I like to see I found if there’s that much demand and uh the other thing we’re looking that’s not too competitive that I should be able to see sell about 10 a day fairly easily and that’s that’s my personal goal for any new private label product I launched I want to sell at least 10 a day as far as how competitive it is the easiest thing to look for is the number of reviews that all your competitors have so I like to see in the top five or so results at least one preferably two or three people with under a hundred reviews so if I make a search for an item and I see you know the top five spots there’s people with like a thousand reviews 500 600 800 that’s gonna be really tough to rank for um and you also just don’t have the social proof even if you weren’t ranked for those compared to these other guys who have like a thousand five-star reviews you know that’s me really tricky uh if there are products that you know the top 5 results if I’m saying like 200 reviews the top one but then like 50 3580 that kind of thing that’s something that could easily do a small giveaway to get started and they pop right into those upper results and compete with those guys you know within the first few weeks as opposed to spending months and months and months doing giveaways and all his product promotions and stuff to get up there awesome that’s really helpful okay yeah you want to you want to do a quick demo now they share with people a little bit how it works yeah absolutely someone going to share my screen with you here I know it takes a second to load so let me know you can see it okay there we go all right so let’s see I went ahead search for a Pilates ring right here on the Amazon store um obviously you can see all the results here so if you look in the upper right hand corner my browsers little JS icon and I can click that and what it’s going to do now is it’s going to populate this table with all this information of the products on this page right so these are all different these different Pilate rings um so I’m looking at here you know is the product name brand price a a few important categories here I was looking at estimated sales is over a monthly period I can also see the number reviews neatly laid out for me see some other information like the by box seller the FBA fee this column right here this is the net actor the FBA fees is how much money you take after a Jean gets their cut this is obviously all really valuable information so if it’s hard you’re pulling in your pulling information it’s already available that whatever is available the Amazon shows on each product listing but you’re just putting it all together in a much more efficient faster way as opposed to manually doing it yourself as you mentioned by having a virtual assistant it helped you know writing down all these details and everything and then I guy the that you’re taking the sales rank that the Amazon bestseller ranking of the different products and you’re calculating that based on a you know just just a rough estimate on how many sales per day that’s doing or how do you gather that information yeah great question so there’s actually one of the things that I’m really like passionate about that I think sets jumbo Scott apart from other pieces of software um what we actually have it in-house data scientists and a data collection system we follow like 40,000 products in both the US and UK and on a daily basis we monitor their sales and their rank so at the end of the month we have over a million data points I think last month it was like 1.4 million data points for each uh each market place and then from that she bottles the estimated sales based off rank for that month I mean the we update in the beginning each month so they’re actually we first you know we’ve been refining this method over the months they’ve actually gotten really good now um so they’re they’re pretty darn close to what should actually see um so you there play accurate enough for forecasting and product research purposes what most people use them for so yeah then if we look at this you know I was talking about like to see about three thousand units of demand so if I were to add these up real quick uh this is probably right you know just quick math in my hand that power you right at maybe 2500 to 3,000 units um so might be a little Shanda man close if I look at the number of reviews this is actually probably something that could compete in um you know be tough to hop in these top two spots but below that you know this guy only has five reviews these in the number three spot maxie 1592 82 so these are all um you know these spots right here number three through ten these are all very realistic numbers of reviews that you can get from a small giveaway so this might be something that could write for fairly easily uh if we just look at some other items on here there’s a little trend button that shows you the the Google trend information so it looks like playa rings used to be a little more popular back in 2007-2008 or so but stayed pretty consistent um you know I can click on the rank and I can uh if it’s available I can see some rank history same thing about the con pricey some price history and by the way that Google trend is want to go back to that for a sec that’s oddly valuable that I think that a lot of people don’t even look at because you money you might be you know a certain product might be a seasonal product you know maybe in December or certain months out of the year it might be selling a lot more than others so I think it’s important to be aware of that whatever the trends are and I think on that that link there you can actually see month-to-month the trends of that product – yeah absolutely I was actually just doing a demo like last week I did tamasic ring we clicked on trend and we saw something really interesting that every four years there was a large spike it didn’t dawn on me right away of course it’s because the the Summer Olympics right understand you know every four years in the summer you see a spike sounds pretty interesting so what guy who is talking about organ a she’s like yeah you got to have like five times as many in stock during Summer Olympics so yeah I guess it’s coming up so you know if one of your uh people your audience wants its product make sure you’re stocked up so going back to the Pilates in one um sure would you determine that as a worthwhile niche or market or product to sell based on you mentioned reviews you know you want to make sure that it’s got high demand but the competition is met isn’t that intimidating because the top products don’t have that many reviews yes this actually up would be a pretty good product to sell on I might try to find something that has a little bit more demand but on this still has quite a bit of demand you know to look if you’re in the top five spots here um you know I’m saying six hundred seven hundred two hundred one hundred two hundred estimated sales per month so that might be a little less than what I’m looking for like I said I like to sell something that’s gonna have at least ten a day and it looks like only the top two spots are selling ten a day or more but um overall you know this is a too competitive based off the number reviews is something I could compete in so this is definitely the type of product um that would be a good one to sell well and another question I have is what would you what would you say the most important things that you look at and just so people aware there’s actually a lot more options that you guys have to like you can actually pull away to the products and the size dimensions etc but what would you say is kind of I guess your criteria because there’s some I guess information that’s a lot more important than others in deciding what product you’re going to sell like even looking at the profit margin and looking at the weight the size of what other people are pricing the product at as well so what would you say the most important things that you create tension to on this list yeah so obviously estimated sales are important to reviews other things I usually have checked are the FBA fee in the net um before we built that part into jungle scout I to go by like the 1/3 rule that Amazon would take roughly 1/3 of the selling price and what I found after I built that into the tool is that actually wasn’t a great way to estimate it some of the items especially the oversized items Amazon takes quite a bit more than that often so it’s really good again even if you don’t have jumbled scalp to actually use Amazon’s FBA fee calculator as opposed to just using like a 1/3 rule or some rule like that so it’s really good to have to be able to know the net you know like this item if I were to use the 1/3 rule on this you know it sells for $22 but Amazon takes over $10 so you know almost 50% of that product and that’s because it you know it’s an oversized product on it so that’s good to know right away so oversize means it’s just the the size the weight of it they determine you know once a product weighs a certain amount and I guess they take more just out basically if you’re doing the fulfillment through Amazon they’re gonna charge you more or take more because they’re putting it in their warehouse they have to ship the product and so it’s more more of a cost to them is that right yeah it’s absolutely right and um you know of course you look up the dimensions it’s like a by 14 by 18 inches but a good way to think I like to think about it is it’s about the size of a shoebox is the threshold between a regular and oversized items so if they’ll fit inside a shoebox it’s probably a regular size where the FBA fees are significantly cheaper if it’s larger than that or pretty heavy then it’s going to be an oversized item which um you jump into a new tier they uh they the price the the fees differently so it’s going to be significantly more expensive for them to fulfill right so if you’re brand new just selling on Amazon which would recommend someone start off the smaller product at first just to kind of get their feet wet and for simply Fitz sake as well I would um and there’s one other reason for that is when you have a brand new seller central account Amazon actually lists you to storing I think it’s usually 500 in their warehouse an oversized item straight ah so that’s one you know that’s just one more thing to kind of you know you know that for that recommended you stay in the standard sized here I’m obviously air shipping if you’re gonna source it from overseas like China it would be a lot cheaper if it’s smaller and lighter so yeah it’s definitely you know uh in addition to I want to see enough demand not too much competition I would recommend looking for something small and relatively lightweight um a few other factors that like to look for our items that um I like to look for something that’s uh I think of as like kind of low liability like I’ll try to stay away from selling like a knife or like something that’s going like someone or something like that to me that just raises a little a few red flags you’re gonna want to stay away from anything that is patented or as a patent pending as well as anything that is like illegally you know it’s probably a legally illegally licensed so if it has like your favorite sports team on it or something the factories in China are more than happy to sell you these items but keep in mind um you know unless you work out some licensing agreement which is a whole different ballgame here um you want to make sure to stay away from products like that yeah and I often recommend people to start with simple products to um like some people in SL electronics or like anything that has a high chance of breaking or going something wrong with it’s just going to lead to refunds negative reviews because I found that even like with every type of product out there Amazon like there’s always things that go wrong you know like sure either with your supplier maybe some products you know aren’t functioning properly or you know aren’t working as well as they should or maybe Amazon break something and so I found just to try to make it simple especially if you’re brand new to this just to just to make it a smooth process for you when you’re first getting started absolutely that’s a great addition that’s when I forgot I totally agree with that that’s a rule I follow as well yeah so my next question is a lot of people ask ok Weber this is great for analyzing uh you know different products that you might have already come up with assessing them looking at the competition the demand really useful a lot of people ask how can I find potential opportunities on Amazon like how can I do some research and find you know different products that I can look at the jungle scope yeah absolutely um and and I don’t want definitely want this whole thing to be a hard sell for jungle scout and you can do it without it you know and I would like to teach those methods also it’s just a huge time-saver so even without jungle Scout we can search for Amazon best sellers we can go to this page and this is a great spot to look for product ideas on the top so so for the people who can’t see my screen I’m on if you google amazon best sellers you’ll come up this is the top result on the left hand side of the screen there are all the parent categories listed so I can click into one of these parent categories so I’ve clicked into health and personal care all the items on the first page here are going to be tons of uh sales volume but they’re also gonna probably be very competitive because this is you know like I’m looking at the number one item at all health and personal care so what you can do those you can drill down into subcategories on the left hand side by clicking into some of the subcategories so I’m going to click on personal care so now I’m looking at like one through a hundred of personal care which is a subcategory of health and personal care again most these practicing me relatively competitive so I’m going to go ahead and click one deeper um I’m gonna try shaving and hair removal okay so now if I would run jumbo Scout on this page or again if you don’t have it you can just click into the items I can see on but some of these items are rinsed and real quick we’re looking at here it looks like these are actually still pretty competitive um even though I’m in the health and personal care category it looks like Amazon’s put some of the beauty items in here that are edge really high uh I’m gonna go ahead and click into one more subcategory we’ll try shaving sets and kits so now I’m like four five however many subcategories deep and finally these items are going to start to get less petted and now I’m looking at ranks between two hundred and you know fifteen thousand or so and these are here you’re going to find items that have fewer reviews are probably more likely good candidates to sell so this is one really good area to look for product ideas another really good area to look for product ideas is to look at one of your competitors or someone else selling products that you be willing to sell or interested in selling if you go ahead and click into their seller storefront um I kind of call this like spying on other sellers and it’s actually super effective um so what you can do is you can go through and find out so this seller I just randomly clicked on a private label seller I may yo go wellness uh looks like he has about fourteen products so I can go in there I can do a click jungle scout or click into each one of his items um I can sort by clicking on the column header up to find his best selling products and then right away you know he’s done a lot of the heavy lifting for me he’s tested out fourteen different products and I can go there and I can kind of cherry pick some of the best ones so you know it looks like um he has quite a few reviews on all of his but a lot of times you’ll go into a seller and fine oh wow you know this items selling really well it only has 50 reviews you know this is a product idea I probably when I look into so that’s a really effective way um the last one so we were actually just in the kind of private launch phase of this new product database right now by the time you release this Stephan uh we should should be available to the public but um what we’ve done at General Scott just recently this is the the newest addition to our software lineup is we’ve developed a web app this is going to be a SAS product and our it is a SAS product and what we’ve done here this is really cool enough people want to do this for a long long time just for my own personal reasons I decide not to be too greedy and share it with everyone else as well but we’ve rebuilt Amazon’s catalog in a way that is user-friendly for sellers to search through so you know we’re searching through Amazon’s site you know it’s built for consumers ah and it isn’t set up and organized in such a way that we can search for parameters that are good to find products to sell so you know we can’t go to Amazon’s homepage and say okay tell me all the products that are selling at least 300 and don’t have too many reviews you know I mean so what does we’ve built this product database here where you can search for all those types of things so we can do a quick demo um we click on a couple categories we like I’ll try kitchen and dining and Pet Supplies you can set up search for something in your sweet spot for price um so you know maybe twenty to fifty dollars I like selling that price um let’s say I want something’s going to net me at least 15 bucks after Amazon takes your fees uh like I said something that sells leaves ten a day so I’m just put in three hundred units a month here um I’m gonna list that it has under seventy-five with use which is fairly easy for me to get uh I can click on I can say I want some other three pounds and that standard-sized here and then I can filter the database and what this is going to show you is all of the items in our database that meet all this criteria so again these are going to be items priced in the area that we want they’re going to be standard not oversized lightweight um it shouldn’t be too competitive because these items are selling well without many reviews and they sell at least ten a day so then from here I can get some really good ideas uh and then look into these items further so you know maybe I say okay this looks pretty cool this is a pour over coffee dripper it looks like a stainless steel type I can open this off in the Amazon store and then again I could pick out the relevant keywords here and then make that search and then run double Scout again well that’s pretty and so that that makes like I mean it’s such an amazing whenever I see these sort of things because if you done things the manual way before this which both you and I both have alright and you know how long that takes and you just kind of track and everything in spreadsheets and searching around it’s amazing that you guys have come out with software’s like this because uh I mean really makes a huge difference yes my private research time were before like it would literally take days uh I mean like twenty thirty forty like man-hours rather between me or my VA to like look through all these different items um it sounds like a cheesy like marketing like it but like literally like an hour now which like you should take me like days you know so it’s pretty well it’s pretty incredible well that’s awesome okay yeah um yeah so is there anything else you want to share just in this demo before we maybe move on to the next part and anything else if you’ll be yeah there’s no wake up the other feature in the SAS product here is a product tracker um so what you can do is you can add items to this and this would be kind of like monitoring these items underneath a magnifying glass and I usually do this before I actually choose to pull the trigger an item so maybe if I did choose that coffee dripper maybe I monitor like the top five sellers for a week um you can see everyday what their inventory is having units they sold that day as well as the best sellers rank the buy box price and just a bunch of other data that uh sellers would be looking for yeah so I find by the way that useful because in a lot of ways sometimes when you you’re just looking at the data that might be skewed in a lot of ways because maybe certain products they have a really high BS are because they just did a you know a whole bunch of giveaways and stuff like that so it’s not a as legitimate of a organic sales rank they might have so when you look at it over a week or so you’re able to actually see the trends in that market and how the products will fluctuate yeah and that’s the exact reason that we built this is um cuz yeah again go back to the manual way right like I used to just uh try to remember to make that keyword search each day see how the items are fluctuating now just use enter the Aysen or the URL uh it automatically monitors all that for you then that’s exactly what I’m looking forward to make sure that these items were just artificially inflated that day because a few did a big giveaway that kind of thing oh man well this is this is really well I think this will I mean I so I can’t wait for this to be oh you said it’s probably by the time I launch this video might be available for people and making this final yeah it’s for jungle scout yeah that’s exactly right so you’re going to find out about on our website it’ll be available like next week so yeah and then the extensions that we ever talked about earlier those those are available TIFF yeah those are our initial products is the brand-new product that we just added cool awesome so I want to ask you this real quick I mean this has been so valuable about the product research but I want to switch gears a little bit just to ask um some other questions with the Amazon Pro cipro uh process sure a lot of people ask a great you know they’ve got a product maybe they found some suppliers and have you found that a lot of your you know when you come to searching for potential suppliers and manufacturers are you looking more overseas or some cases you might look in the United States you know many people know about Alibaba and distress it around there but any tips on just finding a great supplier for the product yeah so I’m not personally in any supplement type niches I think you mentioned that you might be uh if so I think I don’t know too much about those but it’s um it’s my impression you’d want to get those from the states which may have sense that’s all you I’m all in just random types of you know household goods or whatever so all my factories are either in China or one of them’s in Taiwan I found all of them through Alibaba so what I’ll do is once I come up with a product idea like we were looking at that a stainless steel coffee dripper I would just search for that item in Alibaba I already have a email template uh written that essentially just makes me sound like a very big company with lots of purchasing power and I would just use the contact field right there on Alibaba and I would contact as many factors as I can that claim to be selling that stainless steel coffee dripper so I might contact twenty factories I’ll usually find only like five of them get back to me and then um then from there the processes I kind of chat with each factory see what their minimum order quantities are so kind of pricing and give me just see how responsive they are um see what their English skills are like see if there’s going to be any kind of language and then uh I also want to make sure that they accept paypal at least for the first payment um so you know PayPal offers a level of protection if we were to get scammed by one of these people so I highly recommend using PayPal for your sample order and your initial order and then after you establish the relationship with the factory then I move on move into wire transfers because the fees are less right okay cool um what about just your product listing when you’re setting up your product listing are you also using some of the data that you did during the product research to see how your other competitors are optimized the keywords etc is there anything you can maybe share just on optimizing your product listing sure so one thing I highly recommend not to skimp on your photos it makes a huge difference um so my competitors sometimes will you know like the price will be cheaper that they might be including like an extra with the item but they’ll have like really crappy photos it just makes a huge difference of their conversion rates so definitely you know even like really high quality professional photos you can get for like 150 200 bucks for all the items you’re listing it’s well worth it you’re going to make that money back a hundred times I saw highly recommend that uh what else you want to do is make sure to fill out all the I think Amazon gives you five spots for bullet points make sure that you want it you want to fill all those out make sure to get any main keywords in those bullet points you want to have her just an overall high quality listing it makes a big difference and it’s easy to tell you know which ones I had quality you know doesn’t have a good product description you know uh the photo should be really high resolution high quality no like shadows and stuff in your photos you know they look like professional photos um so yeah just uh those are the types of things I do with my listing uh I don’t even really do any type of too crazy like a keyword research and stuff um I just try to include the things that they people would be searching for yeah that’s that’s definitely important part the high quality listing totally yeah and what would you share just making some tips on when you launch your product you know if you identify the niche the market the product you wanna sell you know and obviously we talked about the competition making sure that you have a reasonable chance of ranking and and and getting it selling but is there any tips you have and just right when your products when you’re launching it in terms of getting reviewed reviews listing the ranking of the products sure so I usually um depending on how competitive the item is I’ll usually give away like 50 units start uh to people that uh at least tell me they’re going to leave a review so usually from like fifty I’ll get like maybe like thirty five reviews and then I usually try to start from there um if if I feel like I’m not ranking quite as high as I would like to maybe I’ll give away another twenty at a time or something and I usually actually don’t give away all like fifty and one day I’ll give out like ten a day for five days oh by the way like this piercing using a coupon code right and yeah it’s all giveaway or for a dollar or what you found out depending on how valuable the product is all you usually do like 99 cents or a dollar ninety nine or something like that um so yeah and then other than that once I get a few reviews all set up pay per click inside of Amazon um so even if you never use it Amazon pay per clicks like super easy um you don’t even have to set up like ads I mean as far as like you know if you if you ever done like a Facebook advertising or you know average or something it’s much more complicated and rizal like super easy so don’t be intimidated by dumbed down version oh yeah you see right very dumped down and then turning on the pay-per-click at least initially to start will at least get you a few extra sales so that um you can get a better BSR which therefore you’re starting to rank a little better well so then and after that um I for the most part I try to set it and forget it to be honest with you um hopefully after that it’s organically starting to make sales which then I’m organically getting reviews and you know barring any like mage problems after that you just reorder to keep it in stop right at least you know like we talked about that’s kind of my planet then I go ahead and move on to getting another product as opposed to working too much on that one that’s awesome that’s cool yeah um okay I’m gonna wrap this up pretty see you’ve already given so much which is really valuable but one question that came to mind and now I get this all the time with Kindle publishing like it even with physical products as well is there’s a lot of people they believe that it’s too saturated or too competitive on Amazon yeah and I always gonna laugh because I’ve been getting those questions too three years ago you know there’s more people making more money than ever on Amazon today that at any other point in human history so uh you know what can you share about that where your thoughts on just yeah good question in this in the saturation on Amazon sure so um you know right now I guess we’re chatting at a fourth quarter in 2015 and right now still a very good opportunity um you know I’ve been selling on Amazon now for a few years and uh to be honest with you I think like the number of buyers is growing at the same rate as the number of you know new sellers being introduced um like I said a little bit earlier on some of my wholesale items were again remember I’m selling I’m sharing this listing with a bunch of sellers I’ve seen the competition girl on there but as far as the private label stuff when you have your own listing um I I’d say it’s you know as long as you do your proper product research it’s still a super viable and a really good opportunity right now um I should just like talking to my buddy yesterday he’s really trying to quit his job start his own things like dude I’m telling you like just get one or two private label product good private label products on Amazon you can replace your income you know do whatever you want from there right now so um it’s a really good opportunity right now yeah and I think I’d recommend it yeah and I think every every category is different right there’s some niches or products that are just super competitive right so it’s going to be a little bit more challenging created competing just because the products that are more established but also I’ve also learned that like there’s some markets on Amazon where it’s like you don’t even have to be on the first page to make a lot of money like their skits there is so big that you could be on that third page and still things like a lot of money from it because their stride like you know a very common market that a lot of sellers get into is the iPhone accessories right like the iPhone cases and stuff like that and I know people that are on like the fifth page they’re still making a lot of money because certainly markets like that all the different products are so different like a different design that you’ll actually have customers that will search through all the different pages they’re on Amazon to find sure the right one that they want you know so I actually learned with Amazon like how big some of these markets are or just mind-blowing to me but um you know you can do really well in some of those competitive markets but at the same time view like you said if you do the right research then you don’t have anything to worry about because as all these there’s always new markets opportunities arising every day on Amazon and the rate of which with which Amazon is growing is massive so yeah it’s crazy yeah I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like as powerful you know what Amazon is it’s just nuts so many buyers everyday edges are looking to spend money so it’s a great great force well and is there any final advice that you might have for people that are maybe watching this and watch this so far and they’re like wow this is a cool opportunity I’m brand-new I want to get started any motivational type stuff that you can share or is you know because with any business or struggles and challenges along the way but out of the years if you’ve been doing this now and even just being a digital nomad and with my laptop lifestyle any any final words and share people yeah so the process of getting a private-label product launch especially your first one um you’ll you’ll probably like hit you know a few road bumps along the way like maybe you like you found a product that your heart set on but um you contacted 20 suppliers and like the only one that responds you can’t even you know what really speak English very well um you know I see people get discouraged when they see things like that or they might say like oh I just saw a new seller pop up for that item uh you know what if there’s gonna be a hundred more by the time I get my dime in and just stay with the process you know little baby steps just go ahead and uh you know get the product order to get it into Amazon and uh after you do that then you’ll be able to validate the model you’ll be able to see that um you know okay it’s not just like we didn’t just look out we’re not the only one to that you know doing well at this um and then from there you’ll have you know like the confidence and the motivation to be able to understand that you know like okay I can do this you know this uh you know it’s not just like gurus and really smart people doing this like you know normal people I can do this every day so just uh you know keep taking baby steps one step further at a time until you get that first product in and then um you know it’s a great opportunity and it’s incredible to be able to you know work for yourself and do you do your own things so um you know I highly recommend it and right now by the way during Bali we’re talking with this before yeah loot mood there and it’s just I mean I can maybe even share this a little bit about how this whole internet marketing this whole world that you know entered it change your life just traveling the world or the abundance you now have yeah it’s incredible and sometimes I’m even like hesitant to tell people about it because I feel like it’s almost like cheesy in a way that it’s like I literally in Bali like if you guys look around like the place I’m doing this from is like a bamboo structure that they’ve made um and it’s incredible it’s just to have this the time and location freedom um you know like two days ago you know we’re recording us on a Friday so that was like on a Wednesday somebody’s that were in town are in talents we went surfing that day and you know I still work really hard probably more than forty hours a week because I really enjoy it but it’s really nice just to have that time freedom that okay like on that Wednesday I was gonna take off and go surfing that day or and also just um you know I used to work a corporate job just a few years ago as an engineer and it’s just been like the most incredible experience to me is that once you get out of that is when you start meeting like these really inspirational people and people do like really exciting stuff so you like to talk about Matt who right now and just the people that I meet here are other digital nomads other people you know doing the same thing and they’re working on like these really cool like really interesting products and just being you know around that just gives you like that inspiration motivation to do you know this really exciting stuff we’re back when I was working my corporate job you know it’s almost kind of like a drag um you know I just round about people who like work super motivated and it just makes a huge difference like you know my quality of life is just skyrocketed since then so um you know I was if you’re listening this and you still have a corporate job like I was literally in your same like spot you know just a few years ago um and then just slowly through different methods I was able to get out of there by replacing my income so um you know you you can do it too I definitely know anything special I was an engineer before I had no like experience selling physical goods I no experience with um software you know now in a software company like selling anything online I like I literally had none of that skillset before I was like I learned to like do physics which now I just no use to me at all um so it’s also you can do it again really you know my my girlfriend Ashley I mean I had had a job and like so many years now and I’ve been uh rice lifestyle but my girlfriend has a job and I’ve kind of like now see it is kind of reminded me just all the different benefits of um you know not having a job and working for yourself and being a an entrepreneur and everything and she’s uh selling two products on Amazon do it really really well so she’s gotten into this as well and no idea about any of this stuff alright and we both went through a training course that miasma selling machine together she named up all the stuff great she took action with it she’s doing better than I am you know she knows more about this than I do which is pretty cool but um she’s in a position she’s really close to quitting her job now which is pretty exciting and I’m going to be doing some traveling in February next year gonna go to Bali and travel around Southeast Asia so it should be a lot of fun but I mean it is amazing how the world is just changing and there’s just so many opportunities on the internet because the Internet it’s just growing so massively so I get a degree awesome and well I want to thank you again so much just for taking this time I think this will help and benefit a lot of people you want to maybe share with people how they can find out more about you and find out more about jungle scope yeah absolutely and we’re going to do for all your audiences set up a discount page for them to use so I’ll put that at jungle Scout comm slash project life mastery um on the website there you can find my email link uh I’ve gotten pretty active writing on the blog there a couple times a week with different tips and tricks you check that out and yeah of course you can connect with me on a Facebook or Twitter you’ll find all that on the website so uh yeah oh man thank you so if you go to jungle scope comm slash project life mastery you’re gonna put something up there a cool discount really appreciate that they’ll help people though people don’t immensely but um sure oh and then oh yeah I’ll put up one other thing there – I was just thinking about um each month I make a table and this would be completely free if someone you know doesn’t want to purchasing the software and the table will show them uh which BSR sell approximately how many units a month so you know funds are really tight for you you’re just trying to get into this you can use that tape you know that table will help you out and will be totally free so I’ll get that set up for your audience well Osman really appreciate that cool yeah sure thing and well thank you again so much and have an awesome time there in Bali all right sounds good thank you for having me on it’s been fun take care you