How To Make Money Online Selling On Amazon Drop Shipping $300 A Day 2016

peeps my name is Kevin and I’m going to show you guys how to start making money online doing the method called drop shipping and I do this myself a profit around three hundred dollars a day in profit doing the structuring method so what drop shipping is is that you don’t see the inventory you don’t see your product yourself physically you don’t store it you don’t even get to touch it so what this does is that when your product sells on Amazon eBay or any e-commerce site you will use your customers information and you would go to your supply website and you would order it from the website with the same information that your customer has and you will and your supplier will ship the product directly to the customers and you get to keep a difference you can make a lot of profit with this I I personally make about ten to thirty dollars profit per sale and let me show you my Amazon account so like do drop shipping on Amazon I recommend Amazon because it’s the biggest marketing of America and it has millions of customers who trust Amazon so I started this method about a week ago and in the last seven days I made about ninety four sales and let me show you this so you guys prove that this method actually works so here’s I got some orders that I need to ship out sale still so here’s proof of the shipments that I have made so I’m sure you want to do so I mean a excel sheet where is it here it is okay so here’s my inventory so when I make my sale I will come to my excel sheet and I save all the links on here to the products with different suppliers so when I make a sale I will come here and click on the product and use my Amazon customer information their address go to my supplier and ship that product to more up to my customers and it makes a lot of money so what I do is let me show you I have I have here so in the last seven days I spent about two point four K on products and return I get 4.4 K back so within a week I made two thousand dollars profit a week so when I first started I made about thirty one dollars profit and it slowly progresses up so that my highest was three hundred sixty dollars a day and I’ve been making $300 a day three days in a row which is really good or any show you how this is done so there’s a lot of website out there for whole sellers your drop shipping websites as a whole bunch but I recommend using Aliexpress or DHgate so imma show you example so on Amazon you see these driving glasses they go for $34 but on sale there are 11 dollars and we found the exact same one on that express for $4 scale he made you mix about he makes profit doing this so can actually do the same thing you will post these acts and ones on Amazon and once you make a sale you will come to this page click buy now and use their address and your supplier will ship it to your customers and you get to keep it the difference before you make a purchase make sure you look at your make sure you look at your seller you know scam can happen you know like anywhere like on ebay can happen and your job to research your sell it before you purchase your items because you don’t get to see it physically and you’re not sure if it wash your rod through customs house you would check their own or cut their profile so you see this profile is really good has the positive thick positive feedback is 94% which is not too bad but I recommend 90 several higher and it has about you sold about 12,000 times transaction which is really good and he’s been for two years so look for suppliers that been in the give a long time and have at least a diamond or Corfu and is about 97% positive feedback so as you can see this guy is making a profit he’s primarily buying this and rebranding it to his own brand and he’s selling it he has 94 reviews he makes about I’m pretty sure it makes about at least 22 like 50 items a day oh my god oh geez look at all these you can find all these on at Express you can find all these on that Express and this is really good to make on your line is actually the best way you can start here there’s another site called DHgate thk calm the site is really good too is that same thing as ad express but has different products I mean those browse to like cell phone accessories you can pretty much find any product on here and we sell on Amazon for a huge chunk of profit or you know it’s up to you to how much one cell phone on Amazon this can be done this can be done look at this so you have one classic $6 for Bluetooth which is really cheap goes for about 20 bucks in the States you do any items on at Express each day and it’s actually really really good see this an Amazon is pretty much the best place you start this business and like I said before you start buying from your suppliers research them to show you a example on de skate mondo fast the computer and this method you can work from anywhere so you can have you know a huge chunk of time freedom you can travel you know wake up in the morning spent two three hours doing orders finding products answering customer inquiries and you can enjoy your whole day so look at it so onto each gate look at the profile right here this one he did over 9000 sections and here’s 99.9 positive feedback that is really good so before you buy on DHgate look at the profile look at the reviews and transactions and look at the other products to make sure he has a lot of products and I could really use and make sure you don’t get scammed first time buying from you straight so you’ve got like my video please like subscribe and I’ll be posting more videos on you know how to make money online how to do your listings on Amazon how to do keywords SC SEO and all this good stuff you want to do so that’s my Ramon your line is doing this meth hit and I can’t show some love saying this is the best way to make money I know I said it so many times but trust me the reason why people can’t do it because they don’t take action they don’t actually do it you know they just no say say don’t do it and see this information they don’t take action and there’s a big mistake that you make in business you don’t take action so please like subscribe I’ll be posting more videos on how to make more money through dropshipping having a warehouse or anything like that so I’ll see you guys on the next video