Making Money On eBay : Tips on how to get started

it was gonna guess my she’s making a short video to check out my friends my family is out the reason why is a lot of my friends have been asking me about you know how I make money and about eBay and how they can make a little side money so I decided to make this short video just to kind of give you a little a couple little tips to start off with eBay and before I get into doing that I just kind of want to share with you something good taboo I know some people might not agree with it but you know I think it’s going to help in the long run I’m going to tell you how much I make and the reason why I’m going to do that is for like two reasons and the first reason why I’m going to tell you how much it made just for credibility a lot of you might be thinking you know why should I pay attention to you why should I listen to you about business about eBay and you know so hopefully that it will give you it kind of inside of you know kind of like I know what I’m doing and the second one is just for inspiration I I don’t I don’t have a degree in eBay it’s not when I went to school for it’s working out very well for me and I really think it can work out work well for everybody else you know it’s not rocket science it’s easy eBay it’s it’s made for the average person to know how you know to sell stuff on eBay and you know have a story of you know where I was like last year I was a substitute teacher and from January to June I made about 86 hundred dollars which is pretty pathetic you know I don’t know how I made it but you know I did and I wasn’t struggling I don’t my bills on time but you know I with that salary that I had and looking at my student loans I you know calculated the interest and all this all the factors that came into play and I came to the conclusion that I could never ever pay for much you know I was going to be possible for me to do that and that scared me to be in a financial jello like that really scared me and it kind of led me to the conclusion that I needed to do something about it so eBay was my next step of course you know for the summer I didn’t have a job you know I was substituting for you know for the school school year but you know in the summer head I don’t have a job and have a way of making money and I’m really panicked and I was like oh my gosh I’m going to be you know broke you know I’m going to pay off for all this these bills so you know what I did was I took to eBay so actually here he comes here’s a printout of my sales to date my ebay little printout of of how much did I made and I started this is from September last September till today I printed this out yesterday and my sales to date on eBay is one hundred thirty thousand two hundred fourteen dollars and eleven cents that is about 1,600 transactions and even as I as I read that to you guys I am shocked I’m really blessed that I have the ability to produce that amount and $8,600 is not even 10% of what I saw on eBay and it really a year and I won’t let you know peasant this is not rocket science and I’m not something special that you could do this to and the first thing if you’re black I sneeze so you know how do I get started what do I sell that’s a number one question about what do I sell and I would say to you is that you know you you sell you know and when I grew up as a kid as teenager I loved garters I know everything about cars so I saw car parts I know the value of the car parts and some of you might be a musician and you know the value of instruments you might go on Craigslist and you might see my Martin guitar for $200 you know what that’s worth you know and you know that it’s not gonna you know all true dollars really cheap and you could maybe sell it for 1,300 you know your knowledge is your power and your ability to sell fans so that’s what I would say if so what you know so what here you know your hobbies are and if you’re going to fix gearbox or into this sell those items because you know the cost of them and you know the second a small advice is that you have you asked me how do I get started we’ll get started with you know selling the junk in your garage so stuff so the stuff that you have tucked away the things that you don’t play with anymore the toys that you bought back in the day or sports equipment and you just kind of want to get out you know a lot of times you know you’re the ones that you want to sell in a in a you know a bra sale or you want to donate it might as well start off someone got on eBay to give you kind of you know an intro of how to put things on there you know and you can learn from your mistakes so why don’t you start off with just selling the stuff that you’re used to you know I mean this I mean start selling the stuff that you you know are don’t even have any need for so I would say that you know I would say start off with that and start you know building yourself up and in the next videos I’m going to kind of give you more tips about shipping and you know how to kind of be more efficient and what’s selling stuff online and business-wise so now I hope that really inspired you I really want you guys to you know know that I am not anything special that you can do what I do and you can make money from home I don’t I just stay home you know I wake up when I want and I just do this job so you know just realize that you have the ability to to do that as well and I hope that you start eBay and I hope you start making money so alright guys look out for my next videos I take care