Using Product ‘Lists’ to Make Money on Amazon (with FREE List)

[Music] everybody is jordyn millionaire millennial I want to follow up on my last video talking about online arbitrage and I’m going to show you exactly how to use that list that I gave you in that last video if you if you haven’t picked up the list yet you can check in description box I’ll email you it’s just Excel spreadsheet that’s got a bunch of different products on it that you can actually buy today to sell on Amazon in the next couple of weeks which is great so if you haven’t gotten that list check the description box I’ll mail it over to you and you can follow along with me in this video as we make some money so let’s jump into my computer and I’ll show you how to use this list so you can see I got the list open here I’m just showing one product cuz this is the example that I use for my last video the little chisel IceCube thing so what’s the list always includes is going to be the name of the product the retailer the link to buy the product the link to sell the product buy price sell price profit and return so I’ve opened these two links in in my Chrome browser right here so we’re just going to take a look and make sure all those numbers are accurate here so 479 that’s right the sell price is 20 195 just right so the net profit after fees is something around six dollars looking for over a hundred percent return which is really good anything over one percent return is going to be a really good product buy but the question is at least they should be asking is how many do i buy you know how many you know can I come into the store and buy everything they have and resell it yes you absolutely can I’ve done that myself I’ve walked into an online store when I walked in but I went to an online store and bought their entire inventory just it has like 100 something units I bought all of them so right now on this website fleeton farm or Farm and fleet it’s only going to allow me to buy four because they know people resell so they they’ll say oh there’s only four left there’s probably more than four left because I check a few days ago and there was also four so and people are definitely buying these so that’s definitely not true but they’ll they’ll cap it at the amount that you can buy you can place multiple orders and I’ve done this before where you order 4 then you order 4 then you or 4 so if I could come in and I could buy as many you know if I wanted to buy like 400 of these you know is that is that something that I should do and to answer that question we’re going to head over to the Amazon page so here’s the Amazon page right now there’s only one other seller if that’s something that you should look at it’s how much competition is there on this product because if you look at a product and say mmm we’ve got you know 10 sellers selling it the same price as the buy box that means the number of sales of this product makes I would need to divide that by 10 right or actually when you divide it by 11 and that would be how many sales I would make in a month or a week or a day or whatever so the real question is how many times a month is this product make a sale and to answer that question there’s a lot of different tools out there none of them are hundred percent accurate that I’ve ever found but some of them come very close so the one tool I really like is is a tool called Kiba ke EPA and it’s a Chrome extension as well as the website I actually have the Chrome extension which you can get in the Chrome extension store and what it will do is that extension will automatically load the kippah graph is what everybody calls it on right on the Amazon page so it’s really useful to be able to see so this bottom part is how many people are selling it this top green bar is the sales rank and the blue bar is the sale price okay so as you can see this product used to sell pretty cheaply but it’s come up in price on Amazon to where we’re at today which is 2195 and it used to have a lot of sellers but that’s come way down all these sellers sold out and now there’s only one other selling so that’s why I think that this product would be pretty good to jump into because there’s not a lot of sellers the prices come up you can still buy it really cheaply it looks like a good buy but how many should you buy so another tool I like to use is this one called FBA calculator for Amazon also a chrome store also free when you click it it shows you all the information about the product now the one thing I look at is this right here so this says estimated monthly sales of five I found this tool actually be a little low so I would say looking at the kippah graph and just my experience that this is more like 10 it probably sells maybe 2 or 3 a week so if you bought 4 of these which is apparently the max you can buy on this website you could probably sell through those in less than 2 or 3 weeks right which is kind of the goal you want to buy at least I person like to buy a month’s worth of inventory and then selfies out in a month flip that cash and then buy more as I go along so you could come in and buy these 4 and that would cost you like 20 bucks straight and then you ship them in Amazon and then they’ll sell and then you walk away with you know 5 6 dollars after shipping of profit per items right and you do that every month and you just keep the ball rolling but on top of that you have multiple products right so you don’t have just this one product so you’ve got you know if you start off with 10 maybe you know grow to 20 30 50 100 you know there’s lots of people to have thousands and thousands of products that they’re selling on Amazon that and that’s how they make a lot of money because the more things you sell the more money you make obviously so that’s just kind of how to use this list it’s really not super complicated you just need to know you know the sales rank which means the lower the better on the sales rank so you know what does that correspond to with sales and you know I want to see how many people are selling this product you know what’s the price history is the price going down as the price going up these are questions you should ask yourself when you’re looking to buy a new product to sell using online arbitrage but that honestly covers it pretty well so if you have any questions about you know product or any of the products that I give you in that free product list you know feel free to comment on this YouTube video send me a snap on snapchat or message me on Instagram or whatever and I’ll get back with you because I like helping out everybody I can so that’s where I’m at in this video so if you guys have any questions like I said just drop me a comment I’ll be back probably next week or maybe even sooner with my next video I think we’re going to talk about private labeling or maybe even wholesale unless you guys have a lot of questions about arbitrage that I can answer retail online whatever I’m trying to run through and just kind of cover all the different types of selling on Amazon so you can get a feel of over where you want to go with your Amazon business you know what kind of products you want to sell so if you have any questions like I said drop me a comment I’ll be happy to answer I’ll see you guys [Music]