How to Make Money on Amazon in 2017 (Matt Clark of Amazing Selling Machine)

everyone this is stefan from and today I’m excited to be interviewing Matt Clark the co-founder of amazing calm and the amazing selling machine to give you guys a bit of background I actually interviewed Matt back in 2013 I’m not sure if you remember this Matt but it’s for my Kindle publishing course at the time called K money mastery and back then that at the time was just getting started I think with creating the amazing selling machine and had a lot of success before on Amazon and I was doing publishing on Amazon but I didn’t know much about this opportunity that existed with physical products and since then of seeing Matt build a huge business amazing calm and launching the amazing selling machine impacting thousands of people’s lives thousands of entrepreneurs that have gotten started that have quit their jobs build very successful businesses on Amazon some people going to build multi-million dollar businesses I eventually got you know started on Amazon format and amazing snow machine as well as my girlfriend my brother most of the friends that I had as well I’ve been to his event it’s really good at in fact in my life and so that’s why I wanted to interview Matt today and just straight up say thank you Matt for what you’ve done you’re doing some awesome stuff amazing cell machine is the number one online training program for business and entrepreneurship teaching people how to get start with Amazon and so I’m excited to pick your brain today ask you a little bit about Amazon today ask you a little bit about amusing style machine which has been archived for the last 18 months and now is finally come and going to be available again soon so I’m excited for that to share with people but I’ve been a huge advocate sharing it because it’s made a difference in my life and I know for those that are watching this right now or listening can you know really make a difference for them as well so I want to ask you some general questions just about entrepreneurship getting started Amazon as an opportunity and as you want to say thank you for taking the time today sure absolutely thanks for having me yeah so how did this you know what’s the story about how did you get into first of all starting selling on Amazon and eventually creating the amazing Estelle machine and now impacting thousands of entrepreneurs yeah absolutely so yeah kind of funny you mentioned back in 2013 I feel like the past four years I’m just like flown by but yeah so like I am you know in when I was in college you know nine years ago or something like that like I knew I wanted to start my own business didn’t know what ever going to do so I went and worked in investment banking for seven months I thought I was going to you know build a business related to that but then I was just miserable and I knew I wanted to go do something on my own and so then I didn’t really have an idea what I was going to do I moved to Austin from Houston my dad was running a medical business so I sort of sort of started helping him with that and I found that he was telling some very high-end health supplements probably ones that you take that I take now but back then they were typically only sold to doctors offices but they were non prescription or anything so they’re completely legal to sell wherever you won the very good supplements that a lot of people take now it’s more mainstream now and so then I found out they were just weren’t being sold online and so there’s literally doctors reps that were going from doctor’s office to doctors office trying to get these doctors to sell them inside their clinic and you know I wasn’t programmer didn’t wasn’t particularly you know savvy about selling online or anything like that but I just sort of like Dovan and started learning as much as possible and so back then you know Amazon was probably a third of the size it is now and so it wasn’t as big of a factor like you could the typical route back then for building an online business physical products wise was still on your own website you want to sell physical products you but set up your own website I learned everything I could about Google AdWords so that was the main source of traffic and I learned a lot about SEO that was the next big source of traffic but then I’m started figuring out along the way I was like you know I’m you know back then like if anybody knows anything about SEO like I own the exact match domain name for the product names they’re very unique product names so I rank to the top and then Amazon started just chipping away and chipping away and chipping away and I was like what the heck I was like I understand what’s going on here I was like how does this Amazon thing even work so I started looking around I was like this is just like normal people just like me that are sitting here selling on Amazon and so I started looking into it and then basically started putting some of my products on there I wasn’t telling any my own branded stuff at that time there was other people’s products I started putting those on there and some of them started selling I just put my kind of top sellers on there because nobody at the time is really selling these products on Amazon so as a whole different discussion about like competing for by box and all that so we don’t really mess with any of that now because if you’re selling your own brand you don’t have to but back then there was nobody selling them so it didn’t matter for me either and so then it had this brilliant idea what I thought at the time because I had access to distributors so I had basically eleven thousand products that sold on my own e-commerce stores it was pretty much all 99% dropship meaning I got an order from my ecommerce store or from Amazon and I would basically just send it over via email or with a report over to the supplier and they’d send it to the customer I never touched any inventory that had this idea I was like look I look over in like Google AdWords I’m sitting here paying per click and so basically really have to watch those things that I was a gamer final this is brilliant I was like I just throw a bunch of stuff up on there and then if it sells and I make money if it doesn’t sells doesn’t cost me anything and so I basically had like six people in the Philippines work for six weeks probably eight hours a day adding every single product from my ecommerce store to Amazon so I went from about 10 products to 11,000 products sold on Amazon in about six weeks I thought it was the best idea ever and then what happened was is I started getting orders coming in on Amazon okay cool this stuff is selling and then I send it over to the distributor they’d be like oh that one’s out of stock and then I get another order on Amazon it’s been at Overtoun oh that one’s out of stock and I’m gonna go crap and so like very early on I started running into issues with Amazon because they do not put up with like poor customer service or products being out of stock if you’re fulfilling it on your own very well and so like I basically had to take all those products off and then sort of started really narrowing down how I made Amazon work because through a kind of chance encounter I met a guy who could basically private label on one of my top supplements that I sold and so then I went from selling other people’s products becoming my own products margin shot way up that’s when I really started learning how to make Amazon work so what’s um you know what’s the difference for those that don’t know just the concept of private labeling because a lot of people they get a little bit confused with that they think okay well you know selling the physical product that must have to manufacture the product it must have to be super unique or different or you know what but today you can private label it do you want to maybe show people how that is possible yeah so like you can do it basically any product but like one of the easiest examples is with supplements which is not necessarily a better opportunity than anything else it’s just an easy example to understand so they the most basic supplement on the planet like vitamin D or something or vitamin C at the end of the day what’s inside of there it’s pretty much the same across any manufacturer so I may be higher quality but in most cases it’s pretty much the same and so like basically there’s plenty of manufacturers out there who will take the raw capsules and they’ll put them in bottles and then what goes on outside of the bottle is up to a lot of different people like you’ll have Walmart that’ll have their own label Target will have their own label um I think Amazon now is doing supplements they have their own labels every may not of brands out there have their own labels GNC that kind of thing and so basically all you’re doing is saying here’s my brand name here’s my branding like colors and logos and fonts and all that sort of stuff put it on the bottle and so now you have your own brand of this product so whereas somebody else might be selling the same product for $4.99 if you maybe add extra values for better customer service through better marketing through you know additional things like giving guides and reports and information whatever else you can possibly sell the same exact product for $15.99 and now you have better margins because you’re playing kind of a different game they’re going lowest cost possible you’re going highest value possible and so you can do that with basically any supplement out there but it works the same for more I guess regular products as well too so you take for example like a like a yoga mat at the end of the day most yoga mats are pretty much the same some higher quality some less quality same thing with a supplement but it’s basically a piece of rubber that you you stand on top of and so you take the same exact deal Gannett maybe it has a logo printed in the corner and it’s got a piece of paper more or less that’s wrapped in plastic around the middle of it that has different same thing as a supplement designed logos branding different content on there so as long as you have a different content on that piece a different logo sort of imprinted in the corner of the mat then you can have the same exact product with your own brand on it and there’s lots of manufacturers out there for those kind of products for anything that goes on your body or in your body is likely coming from the US everything else is pretty much China sure there’s Taiwan there’s India this Pakistan but most of its China so most yoga mats are going to come from China so you say you know a you know Chinese manufacturer here’s my logo here’s my design title I got my logo a nice one created on 99designs comm for example here is what I want to call the mat here’s the kind of text I want on there you just take that little piece of paper put my information on there and send me 500 of these yoga mat you now have your own product you can basically follow the same process with just about any product out there totally and you know now there’s there’s literally millions products that you can pry the label and it’s become I can imagine this easier than ever because now there’s Alibaba you can go over there you can find suppliers in China communicate with them it’s becoming a lot more you know safe and verified and everything the whole process and I know you guys teach the step by step of that but yeah it’s amazing how you can do that and even get started pretty inexpensively because and maybe that’s my next question for you because I know a lot of people ask well starting an Amazon business must cost a lot of money I need a lot of inventory or it could be you know I’m going to have thousands of units to get started with and they I think are afraid on some level of the risk of failure that what if I invest all this money I can’t sell it so what would you say for someone that wants to get started on an opportunity to sell on Amazon but maybe doesn’t have a lot of money to get started yeah I mean like you know first off I mean it’s all kind of relative right it’s like somebody’s thinking that they can go start some you know like digital product business with like zero dollars and just put in work and I got one perspective another perspective is somebody who’s like comes from maybe a more traditional background is like I want to go start a business they go think about a restaurant or a franchise or something like that and they’re in a hole at minimum 50 grand probably more likely a couple hundred grand but they’re probably getting loans for and stuff like that and so this business is much more on the smaller end and so with just about any product out there like there’s a few things that determine the cost of the inventory so one is the product cost itself like how much does it cost to manufacture this thing and what’s the manufacturer’s markup over over the manufacturing cost which usually because it’s so competitive and especially they’re coming from China like it’s pretty cutthroat anyways so those margins are not as big as you would think to the manufacturer so there’s kind of the raw manufacturing cost then there’s the cost on top and then there’s the shipping cost and so we have always recommended that especially if you’re just getting started out you start with products that are lighter and smaller I’m sure you can go sell a health supplement or a beauty products it comes from the US those are pretty much always lighter and smaller and the shipping cost isn’t very much especially if you’re selling in the US because it’s getting manufactured in the US put on a plane or UPS truck or whatever and then going to Amazon and so the shipping cost is going to be very much however if you’re going all the way from China it has to have a way to get from a raw physical product that ends up with your branding and everything on it all the way from China over somewhere likely in the US if you’re selling in the u.s. to one on Amazon’s warehouses and so a lot of times that shipping cost depending on how heavy the product is if it’s a heavier product that shipping cost can sometimes be as much it’s not double the cost of the actual product manufacturing like for example like we sell some fitness products and one of them the product cost is like $5 and the shipping is another like six or seven dollars so that shipping cost is a big factor in this so yeah so that’s the reason we’ve always recommended people sell products that are light and small because you don’t want shipping costs to be too much of a factor so in an ideal world you sell a product that’s light weight is small so then it can be shipped by air which is usually much cheaper and much fast and so depending on the product that you select your startup cost can be in terms of inventory can be as low as $500 more typically just to be completely honest like a start-up cost for inventory is probably more like a thousand fifteen hundred dollars on the low end can be as low as five hundred dollars and so the thing to think about inventories a lot of people don’t understand is that especially if you’ve done a good job and selecting a product on Amazon which is a key part of all this and we do a lot of training around how to collect the right kind of products is that you’ve already chosen a product that has a very high likelihood of selling well and all you’re basically doing is going after that same exact opportunity with your own brand so your product has a high likelihood of selling well and you’re selling a comfortable product and so there’s always a way where you can sell that inventory and so there’s pretty much a very minimal likelihood that you’ll be stuck with inventory you’re more likely scenario is that you’re going to if you follow a lot of stuff that we teach that you’ll probably sell out of inventory faster than you would you would think and you may be out of stock for a period of time which is a part of the game of this business and so if you go after products that are light and small if you do a good job of selecting the right kind of product you can get started pretty inexpensively and you shouldn’t have really an issue of being sort of like you know quote-unquote like stuck with the inventory and unavailable to sell it yeah you know I know a lot of people have done that as well that it you know significant product is sell or maybe they want to get away from that product start something else you can just lower the cost of it and it’s just enough to kind of recoup your investment and your inventory and then sell it the product and then you know you’ve basically learned a lot of great lessons and that process and then you take what you learn and you get back your investment and if you can go ahead and start the next product so I’ve seen it happen quite a few times let me ask you you know how has the opportunity of Amazon changed you know a lot of people want to know you know it’s obviously a little bit different now than when you got started it’s a little bit more competitive some people would say I know Amazon has grown massively seen that experienced it firsthand so how would the opportunity change today yeah it was interesting you know just kind of looking back where can we start you know I guess teaching this stuff like you know after I had been doing it for a while um Amazon is basically like doubled in size since then you know because there’s going to be like the sort of idea in people’s heads like oh you Amazon has grown so much like is the opportunity dead it’s Amazon done growing if you look at its growth rate I mean it’s absolutely insane on a percentage basis and even more so on like a dollar basis like it’s growing at a twenty percent a year and it’s growing you know multiple tens of billions of dollars a year it’s adding in revenue every single year and it’s doing things that basically no company in history has ever done I mean it’s looking at especially for physical products I mean it’s basically shooting past and it’s going to completely Dwarfs um Walmart and whether it’s in the US and also in other countries and it’s basically making buying physical products extremely simple like I bought a product the other day on Amazon and it’s now for whatever reason and some cases like offering like three one-day shipping because it realizes like the biggest limitation of shopping on Amazon is that I could go to the local store and I could get that thing today so Amazon’s trying to find a way sort of even shorten that sort of competitive advantage local stores have over which is really the only remaining one I mean I know that for myself just being sort of a data point of one if you go into a local store and I almost regret it every single time because you go in there and you’re like you know I want this one product but they don’t have it they don’t have this color they don’t have the size they don’t have this variation and then half the time I just end up going on the phone on Amazon and buying it on there so that’s like one piece of data that’s basically happening in millions of people all around the world so Amazon is is growing at an insane rate and part of that you know is that the number of opportunities has grown in proportion or possibly even beyond that because there are you know for example like the international platforms like in Europe specifically Germany also Japan is that the sales volume on there picked up like crazy like we’re so used if you’re in the u.s. or maybe even in Canada you’re so used to buying a lot of stuff on Amazon that you don’t realize that in countries in Europe and that kind of thing that Amazon is still possibly like it was here like five years ago we’re sure a lot of people buy on Amazon but it’s not quite the default place where you buy everything like it kind of is in the US now so it’s becoming like that in Europe but the number of sellers on there has not picked up anywhere near in proportion to the actual sales volume happening over there it’s pretty insane and people that we know members we have are literally just throwing products up over there and they’re making money I talked with one guy he’s doing basically like 40,000 euros a month like mmm four or five months ago and I talked to him I followed up with them like a month ago or so he’s doing these double des business he’s doing 80,000 euros a month and it’s like what do you do is like well you know I just added some products and it’s like I turn on a little bit of like Amazon ads and like that’s all that it takes and I keep selling only in Germany and so it’s pretty insane you know what’s what’s happening over there and the other big piece that we always kind of especially if you’re like nitty-gritty ended like the online marketing world you think everyone buys everything online that’s where everything is happening but online retail is still less than 20% of all physical retail but we all know which direction that’s going everyone’s buying more and more stuff online and Amazon’s actual percentage of online retail especially in the u.s. is getting bigger so the total pie is getting bigger and Amazon piece of the pie is getting even bigger so it’s not unreasonable to think when Amazon did something like 135 billion dollars in revenue last year it’s not unreasonable to think that in the next five to ten years like Amazon is going to be doing three hundred four hundred five hundred billion dollars a year in revenue just from without even doing anything super innovative it’s just the direction everything’s going you know one thing I love about you guys your training is you’re not teaching people just throw up a product and you’re going to make all this money from you’re actually teaching people how to build a brand and building the brand is the key differentiator that allows you to have that competitive advantage long term you know buy because I think a lot of people that is during the mentality I’m just going to try to get rich quick and use some sort of tactic or technique or gimmick or some like that to just put up a product and not do much work then yeah you know it’s probably going to be a bit of an uphill battle you’re not going to be able to compete other brands out there but you guys really focus on building the brand and from there you know there’s diversity of products that you can have you got to teach marketing outside of Amazon because I think people just depend on Amazon to do everything for them you know the Amazon search and Amazon PPC you talked a little bit about the importance of building a brand and why you guys teach that yeah so the good thing is is that um you know maybe when we will honestly maybe like for sure we first started teaching this stuff for like look Amazon is a great place to make money go throw stuff up there and make some money and that’s all good at the end of the day like that kind of mindset and that kind of approach isn’t what Amazon really wants it’s for sure not what customers really want the people buying stuff at the end of the day like you’re selling something on Amazon you can be running this business from a beach in Thailand but a real product is going to land at some of these real door stuff and a real person is going to try to experience that product the better that experience is the better your business is going to be short term but especially long term so what we recommend is people really focus on building a good solid brand that people respect that people like that people want to buy more stuff from because if everything is simpler so first I want a more like tactical level if you sell one product on Amazon say it’s making you 10 grand a month and profit you can go look for other opportunities and be like you know I’m selling something that’s a an automotive product I’m going to look at something as I see a great opportunity to go sell this kitchen product the problem is is that then you’re managing two brands you’re managing likely two different social media accounts you’re you’re likely managing two different email lists and there’s no leverage there but if you have one product they doing 10 grand a month that means it’s got some Amazon rankings they’ve got a good chunk of reviews if you follow what we teach with package inserts and everything else you’ve got people on an e-mail list you probably got fans on a Facebook page if you want to sell another product you want your business to grow nearly immediately Amazon will tell you what the next best product is to sell now you probably want to do a little filtering yourself to make sure it’s a good opportunity but if you shop on Amazon like we’ve all seen the frequently bought together there’s another section underneath there that if you sell on Amazon everyone’s aware don’t tell on Amazon you’ve used it without even knowing it called customers who bought this item also bought so those are two sections in Amazon basically telling you if you look at that for your own product these are the other products people are buying it’s you’re like you know what I’ll do the next product I sell I’m just going to go sell one of those products and then so you tap into all your existing customers on Facebook on email and everywhere else and you say hey I’ve got this other product you probably may already have one but if you don’t like here go ahead and buy this thing and then so they go buy your product hopefully good chunk of them also leave your reviews and so where’s your first product knowing nothing you’ve been through a whole marketing cycle and you’ve got it to hear your next product you can apply the same marketing cycle but make the results even more effective by tapping into all the people that have already bought your products so it’s on a tactical level like that’s the value of building a brand it’s being able to leverage everything but from before now the other thing is to like we talked about building a brand especially now like we’re talking about more than just like literally just selling multiple products under the same name we’re talking about actually building like a meaningful brand and we’re working on something it’s a little more advanced but it’s something that you should be doing if you’re doing this kind of business which is more along the lines of like continuous product improvement there’s so many easy opportunities out there on Amazon to make a product that’s slightly better that you’re not out there doing you know patents and prototyping or any of that sort of stuff it’s great if you want to do that takes a lot of time probably some money it’s kind of beyond the scope of what we teach at this point however there are small things you can do to make your product better than the competitors and make it stand out for example like one of the fitness products we sell we noticed that people were having issue because they were concerned about this thing you know slipping on the floor scratching up their floor until we just went and contacts the manufacturers well okay if you have like a little piece of rubber we could we could throw inside of the box and so for literally like 30 cents we can throw in a little piece of rubber inside the box that solves that issue now the value of this is is that we’ll have happier customers we’ll have more positive reviews less negative reviews less less refunds and we’ll also have a differentiator that no other your hat so going after the same opportunity our product now looks better doing nothing else and it costs next to nothing and so there’s opportunities even simpler than that like including better instructions like if you look at the negative reviews of other products on Amazon I likely ones that you you’re kind of considering selling you’ll find that a lot of them the negative reviews like one one-star a lot of times is kind of just people complaining but like two storms we star there’s a lot of good feedback there and so a lot of times they’ll just do it I didn’t understand how to use this product or I did this and it didn’t work and maybe whatever they did was not the right way to use the product so doing a simple as including better instructions though is the easy way to make your product better than other people so we talked about building a brand we’re talking about putting multiple products under the same umbrella for the leverage that provides and also building something that’s better than anybody else without you know going to farm any custom manufacturers into that sort of stuff small tweaks super easy to do with any manufacturer but in long term like that’s how you beat everyone like I was talking with a guy one of our members um and he went probably a little more extreme than that but just as an example he basically sells the top product in one of the in the in the kitchen market not be top product in kitchen but the top product for what sells is a very popular product like probably top 100 and kitchen and dining and that’s basically what he did is he kept improving this product so it’s better than anybody else and he does about a million dollars a month on Amazon right now almost all of that driven by that single product Wow it’s amazing I think even you know there’s more potential you have a brand you could even do information products like your so you know to match maybe there’s potential for information component from that or maybe there’s a potential for an affiliate marketing side so when you have a list and also I think when you’re building a brand you’re building a relationship because I’ve asked often found that sometimes you might not even have the best product but because you have a relationship with people and you’ve added value to them whether it from content marketing or whatever it is people will buy from you and they’ll even spend more money with you because you can charge more of a premium price for your product and you know example that’s my girlfriend she’s got a brand where she sell about business stuff for women but she sells at a higher price the number one else and people are just always lining up to buy it and just because they lover like she’s got such a relationship she engages with them there’s a trust factor there and so I guess that’s another benefit that you get from that too how about um you know just dragging traffic in general from outside of Amazon how does that benefit people because I’ve heard that Amazon rewards you terms of like actually ranking or product higher because the more leads that you send Amazon and the more people that sign up for Amazon they’re probably going to like that a lot so is that a pretty important strategy as well yes I mean like whatever it comes to you know like building this kind of business there’s kind of like putting a foundation in order and then like going up in order of you know next best things to do so foundation is going to be make sure you sell a good high quality product that is a good opportunity on Amazon next up make sure that product is well optimized you have good images you have good copy on there and then after that you start looking into like Amazon traffic so Amazon sponsored ads is probably the most basic thing you’ll turn on at that point probably another step if you it’s just kind of different discussion but Amazon marketing services and then you want to start looking at how can you leverage like outside traffic because if you’re still sitting there waiting like okay I’ve got sponsored ads going I’ve got Amazon marketing services going what else can I do to drive more traffic to this thing the next best one is kind of what hopefully it’s most people the obvious one which is Facebook I mean we all know Facebook is absolutely insane it’s the most insane advertising platform pretty much ever Bill’s got to we’ve got what thirty percent of the entire world on there or something it’s getting that point anyways so you can reach anybody any market you ever want obviously easy to spend a lot of money on there without getting a return but there’s a way to use it on Amazon that’s incredibly effective um you can use it to there’s something new that we’ve been teaching recently which is using Facebook offers to basically you advertise on Facebook as little as ten bucks a days not like you have to go spend you know thousands of dollars on there ten bucks a day people redeem a Facebook offer give them a good discount on your products they take that they go over your product they buy it on Amazon and the reason that’s that’s so effective is rather than just sitting like cold traffic over there because a big fast the conversion rate of your product and so if you send a whole bunch of like junk traffic over there and one person out of every 10,000 buys then it’s kind of an issue because you know Amazon’s on huge fan of that but on the other hand like if somebody has seen your ad you’ve done a good target audience on Facebook you’ve done a good ad copy they see your ad they click redeem the coupon or redeem the offer on facebook then from there then they go over your Amazon listing and then they make the decision to buy or not like the conversion rate of that is extremely high and so what Amazon seeds they see your product converting extremely well so I think it must be a popular product and they also see external traffic coming in to your product listing which is a harder thing to kind of assess the impact because it’s not super straightforward Amazon’s obviously not going to tell you that yes if you send traffic from these three social media accounts will rank your product higher but it does need to have a positive effect but especially the way to get sales it’s such an inexpensive way to get sales because on Amazon you know if you have a well optimized product listing and you get a lot of sales when you get a lot of sales the Amazon will rank your product higher for the keywords that your product is relevant for so I works extremely well Facebook is probably the easiest place to go do that from you know we’ve done some like Google Adwords sometimes we’ll turn it on because with Google Adwords the advantage is you can target you know sort of by keyword but it’s usually pretty expensive in Google Adwords at least the search search side of things is very expensive in most cases like three four dollars a click which gets to be a bit hard to make that work out financially but Facebook extreme leads you right now like it’s one of those things to kind of like Amazon in other countries where the volume and opportunities picked up so much but the number of advertisers and Facebook’s case have not been able to keep pace at all like they’re people are trying to spend money money on they’re like crazy but it’s just it’s kind of like you know back in the day which is before my time and internet marketing but people talk about like you know five cent click days in Google and that kind of thing to me it’s like that right now in facebook just to take a bit of a step back for someone that you know I know one objection or one concern that number people have is they say well Stefan is this opportunity only for people only in North America you know if I’m you know yeah because if they think that okay I have to sell in the United States I got to live the United States but they might be thinking watching or listen to this right now but I live in South America or I live in Europe or I live in Australia can you maybe share with people someone that lives in one of those different countries how would they get started yeah so we didn’t talk about this beforehand but I have a perfect example for this so we’ve got this amazing couple that did with us for a few years now and they live in Romania so remaining is not a wealthy country by any means and so the the guy who’s kind of probably the main driver but she’s very involved in the business but he was kind of looking at opportunity he’s like you know what he’s a guy that’s very much into like self development has watched a bunch of Tony Robbins stuff has like read a bunch of you know Robert Kiyosaki stuff and like you knew he wanted to do something but he’s like what the heck am I going to do he’s like there’s pretty much zero opportunity in Romania even from a job standpoint but much less from like a business standpoint so he was looking for stuff he like came across some way or another and so it didn’t have a whole lot of money’s had to scrape together some money to start this business and basically like he’s built this business that didn’t even speak English at the time they had to use literally Google Translate to learn how to do this business to go through training and actually even sell because like they weren’t selling like I didn’t know there’s many people buy on Amazon from Romania I don’t know but he basically ended up selling in the u.s. biggest market biggest opportunity we sold in the u.s. still sells in the u.s. they did over we just got a screenshot from them they did over a million dollars on Amazon in the US last year literally started this business a couple years ago didn’t speak English didn’t have any money just kind of kept at it and worked at it kept building the business provided really good customer service and kind of you know followed a lot of stuff that we teach and so like it’s kind of funny a lot of people you know any business you’re going to run into issues but it’s kind of hard to have excuses when you have an example like that somebody who doesn’t speak in language doesn’t have any money doesn’t live in a country going out and you know absolutely crushing it with this business and doing very well and you’re still growing so there’s an example and we have examples from people all around the world I mean almost any country you could imagine like we probably have some learner that’s gonna built this business whether that’s you know Brazil or Russia or you know Mexico anywhere else and you know South America Central America we have people a lot of a lot of members in South Africa you know basically all over the world we have people that have gone on and built this business because we used to tell everyone no matter what country you’re in still in the USA the biggest platform that’s where all the sales volume happens but it wasn’t really until the last probably like year maybe that we started saying like look like it’s pretty crazy over in some of these other platforms like mainly I would say pretty much anywhere in Europe because all the accounts are connected especially in Germany Amazon Japan is huge and so if you live in any one of those countries or if you have good ties to any of those countries you can just go start in one of those platforms anywhere else still start in the USA and you’ll be good to go if you do everything right so yeah we have people all over the world that have gone on and done this because I mean the beauty is is that with Amazon’s network of warehouses um and basically being able to contact any suppliers you want in any country you want especially as easy it is with Ali Baba and contacts and Chinese manufacturers that you can literally build this entire business but basically just a computer I mean the only thing you ever really touch is if you do this business right you want to order some samples at some point and you your shell you yourself should likely be evaluating those samples to make sure it’s a good quality product that you’re going to be able to stand behind and so once you order your samples though everything else pretty much hands-off you don’t you don’t touch anything you’re basically telling your supplier a supplier sent them to this inventory to Amazon Amazon receives the inventory customers order on Amazon all the inventory is shipped out using Amazon’s own warehouses and employees and everything else and then you can see and monitor your inventory levels when it starts getting low you just tell the supplier to send some more inventory to Amazon and that basically is your entire logistics of the business awesome now I just want to ask you a few more questions and by the way for those that are watching or listening Mac’s with amazing calm has a free free video training that’s going to share more about how to get started on Amazon if you’re brand new you want to more about the opportunity math retraining is really really good and I’ve been through it many times in the passes that talking to Mike about this many people just going through the free training and I’ve been able to make money from that and then you know take that money and then go and invest in your training program so there’ll be a link below this video if you’re watching on YouTube or if you’re listening on a podcast go to project like master comm / GSM project like master comm / ASM and then you can get access to the free training that they have okay I want to ask you now a little bit about amazing selling machine how has you know you guys have obviously created it now and multiple time to recreated it involved it made it better and better and better and it’s been off the market for 18 months and now it’s a brand new program can you maybe share with people how it’s evolved and you know you mentioned a little bit about what’s different in terms of now you guys don’t necessarily recommend you start the United States but there’s other opportunities to start maybe in Europe or Japan or some of these other countries but can you share a little bit about how it’s evolved and changed yeah I mean like our own I guess philosophy with training in general but especially with amazing selling machine I have always been like what can we do to get somebody who is starting from wherever they are because we’ve had people that have started from you know like the extreme example as I live in another country I don’t even speak English which is not a normal example they’ve got other people live all over the world that are working jobs they’re not happy of their jobs we’ve got other people like you you mentioned Mike McCleary so he was working a good nice paying corporate finance job super positive guys not a guy who’s just like miserable at his job like he liked the job you liked the company but he wasn’t at the level of freedom that he wanted in terms of time and money and everything else then we’ve got other people that are already doing a couple million dollars a year on Amazon they’re like how do I get to the next level so we’ve got a whole spectrum of people so ours has always been like how do we take these people and give them the best results possible with this program because you know when I first started getting into like I guess like going to cool like internet marketing um years ago like I remember we started you know having successes ASM we started building a big email list that you know is really the love’s super fans of us would basically take our recommendations and other people be like eh we’ve got this course like we want you to promote it cuz we promoted your thing and I look at the course I’m like this is a courses you haven’t updated in like two years I was like what are you doing I was like this course is not going to help anybody right now and so it’s always been frustrating for us from that perspective because we’ve always taken a completely different stance is like we will never sell something that if that we don’t believe will absolutely work for people and so what they SM to make that happen stuff is changing on Amazon all the time so we have to make sure the course is very current and what’s working right now from a very basic standpoint like interfaces changing screens are changing but on a higher level from a tactical standpoint like what’s working right now in this business and so like you mentioned like doors have been closed for basically like 18 months so part of that was when we had this crazy run up with ASM like every six months we were launching this thing it was getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and we started knowing like there’s something kind of missing here because like the business is kind of changing on Amazon um like back in the day Lee just throw a product up there it didn’t matter how good or bad the product was or what you did some customer service standpoint you probably produce sales cuz nobody was doing any marketing whatsoever on Amazon and so um we knew something was changing something had to be different but we never had enough breathing room to actually fix anything from we would always update the training but we wouldn’t completely redo the strategy and so for the past 18 months like I also got so busy with like managing amazing selling machine all of a sudden went from zero to like 20,000 customers that are all extremely great people that we had to help and all that sort of stuff and so I basically like got rid of my actual physical product business funny enough we’re still TTP I do physical product but have time to actually do that stuff myself and so we close the doors we’re like okay look like we don’t know what exactly want to do right now but we can’t keep pushing people into this thing until we really innovate it and so I at the beginning last year basically started working on a business on my own kind of like a case study seeing how this thing works again from the ground up didn’t start with an email list or any of that sort of stuff so I started building this business and really started discovering some some new things that are working like crazy right now is one of the things we mentioned was like facebook offers the good thing is is like back in the day we probably taught some stuff that was like a little gray area in terms of Amazon and now everything we do is completely aboveboard I mean Amazon the better you can align with what you do what Amazon wants and what the customer wants the better the business that you’ll build and the people that we found that have done the most volume on Amazon are the ones who really play the long game and then we have some people that were probably a little less public about the results but we know they do twenty thirty million dollars a year on Amazon that’s an extreme case but we do have members that have done that and part of that is just really playing the long game and so with this new version of ASM like we’ve incorporated a lot of really what’s working right now in terms of product selection which is different and more specific than we ever taught before we also kind of have a better and more comprehensive strategy in terms of marketing because before it was always easy to teach people very sequential from I know nothing to setting up a Amazon seller central account to creating a list of product opportunities selecting a product finding supplier optimize the listing getting the product live very sequential then it got to the point of getting a product live now kind of like well you know you could build these four different options in terms of promoting we always do that kind of an issue and didn’t really have a great answer for it and so now we think we’ve done a very good job in terms of making the entire business to quench –all at least getting to the point where you have more than one product selling very well so going from either I know nothing or already sell on Amazon but I will learn how to do it the right way to having multiple products doing well that includes product selection that includes doing all the marketing stuff right in terms of doing package inserts capturing email lists and building an email list for your brand from day one finding suppliers evaluating samples doing your ads right on Amazon getting traffic from outside of Amazon leveraging the list that you build all that stuff laid out sequentially now better than it really ever has and so that’s kind of the core part of the training the other thing too is that we found out how important it is and we kind of did this without even knowing what we’re doing at the beginning we found out how important the community is to everything because a lot of times a lot of people are sitting there you bill business your family members probably think you’re crazy we’ve had members come to find out as I was kind of funny hearing about it we would never advise this is that members who like literally hiding this thing from their wife or hiding this thing from their husband because they knew they wouldn’t support it but then six months later they’re making all kinds of money from this thing and of course like their other significant other is all a huge fan of it at that point so yeah so we we basically know how important the community is because a lot of times you’re building business at your helm you don’t have anybody else but you know as an entrepreneur that supports you so you need people you can tap into for support also for additional strategies and tactics because stuff is always changing and then also a big part of that for us is the reason a lot of people have done very well with amazing selling machine that people really love amazing selling machine is very much in line with the general philosophy of trying to get people the best results possible we know there’s going to be individual issues that happen in your business that we can’t predict and so we have a group of people that we call the mentors who had basically early on a lot of them had kind of raised their hand and said you know I like to help people so they were very active in the community so we brought them on as mentors we’ve given them extra opportunities and that kind of thing and so they’re there now to make sure that if you have any sort of issue in your business they will help you resolve that and get through it so you can get back to sort of following the system that we’ve outlined so these are things like potential account setup issues potential supplier issues weird things that may happen on Amazon in terms of marketing or product setup any of that kind of stuff this stuff that happens but they’re there to make sure you can work through any sort of issue possible and so another big thing that we’re doing this time which we haven’t really done before is we’re including like a whole what we call the private resource Balt which is basically a collection of resources to once again speed up your success we’re trying to as much as possible to remove any extra cost or any extra time and you doing this business so one thing for example it’s kind of a simple item but very powerful is the like our personal like straightforward or contacts rather than you having to go hunt around like how the heck do I get this product from China um you know in the past we’d be like just find a freight forwarder or just get DHL to do it we understand that some not as good as we could have done and so this time around we’re literally saying look just contact these people they know what to do they’ll contact your people in China they’ll handle what happens whenever it gets to the US as you literally can never have done this before you send a few emails and you’re up and moving and so there’s those kind of contacts there’s photographer contacts to get really good and inexpensive pictures of your products and basically anything else we could possibly throw in to get you better results is kind of included in this private resource fall then we do other things like weekly coaching calls and everything else I’m doing today everything is to make sure that you get the best results possible with this program that’s awesome and I know you guys have also part kind of Mikey now partnered with some software companies too because before ever you guys to do that in-house but now you guys are partnering with different complementary services that can help them grow their business and another thing that you guys talk about is that you’re not just teaching people how to build an Amazon business but a national physical products business and you emphasize how Amazon’s still the best way to get started but I know you guys from your trainings at different seminars and whatnot also teach how to do retail you know if you want to segue into that or maybe even create your own one store so that’s one thing that I love about the training as well now I’m actually you know I’m actually really excited to go for it again because I’ve been through I think two of vsms and I can vouch for the products and the value you guys provide like I said it’s made a huge difference to my life I’ve been able to create success from it I know many others that have as well and so when I recommend for people that are watching or listen to this right now check out the free training if you want to learn more about this opportunity if you want more you know sharing the the basics and how to get started finding products and whatnot click the link below this video or go to project life mastery com slash KSM but Matt I’m going to thank you so much for your time today you have any last words but vise inspiration motivation for someone is watching this that wants to take that leap of faith maybe they got a 9 to 5 and they’re considering is an opportunity and they want it change their life yeah absolutely so on you know we’ve helped so many people that have started from all kinds of different places go out and build this business and so you know like anything else there’s like the big thing is like really taking the first step and we try to make that first step as easy as possible which is why we give all this kind of free training so you can really wrap your head around how this business works um and there’s the end of the day like at some point like it’s business it’s entrepreneurship at some point you have to take some level of risk and then we do our job to kind of minimize that risk as much as possible but the thing is to think about is like something that’s always stuck in my head since we’ve done this a lot of people think that like the risky thing is starting a business like to me I think the risky thing is making your entire financial livelihood dependent on somebody else like you’re sitting there I know from like I own a business I know the mindset of the business owner um and if you have a you have a job out there that’s if that’s your case then you’re sitting out there and you’re like you know this is safe I have this job and we all know we’ve been through a recession and everything else is that any day that manager or your boss or company owner could wake to wake up decide on a new business strategy decide um they didn’t like how the day before went or some other reason and like they could at the drop of a dime you could be out of a job your type entire financial likelihood is gone to me I think that if you want freedom in your life if you want financial security you need to learn how to run a business and run a business the right way and the good thing about this is that you know we kind of like like to use the metaphor now is like sure we understand the value of building a business and all that sort of stuff then it’s like what business am I going to build and so you can go out there you can start from Ground Zero you can say I’m going to invent this product or I’m going to you know try to invent this practice or service or whatever out of scratch or you can sort of write on somebody else’s coattails at least to get started so the thing is with Amazon right now is like it’s got built-in traffic it’s got built an infrastructure it’s got built-in support and you’re able to tap into all that stuff and just do the kind of ten or twenty percent of the process that you can add a lot of value to and you get to use everything else they do to get started and so like if you’re going to start a business if you believe that’s what you’re going to do we still with complete honesty we’ve been involved in other business models I’ve built I remember I added it up one time something like 20 different businesses or something like that and probably 16 of them like ended up throwing away sales whatever and so like we still like can say with what you know no reservations whatsoever that ever you’re going to build a business this is the one to build I see no other opportunity like it that can take somebody who’s got zero business experience and wants to build a nice profitable business as big as you want and we have people I know sometimes we either scare people by saying too big of numbers or we don’t excite people by saying saying to smaller numbers we’ve got the full spectrum we’ve got people that have gone on and built businesses that are kind of nice lifestyle businesses maybe they make 5 to 10 grand a month and we have people that are in the process or have already sold their business for eight figures you know ten million dollars plus same exact model just depends on what you want out of it at the end of the day and so obviously like we’re huge proponents of entrepreneurship like that’s why we do all this stuff I believe it’s the path to freedom in doing whatever kind of life it is that you want and this does is the best possible opportunity to do it all right I love it thanks Matt really appreciate you taking the time I think this will definitely help a lot of people and inspire people to take action to start your business or you already got one then take it to the next level so thanks for taking the time today yeah thank you you